Well, I realize the world has waited with bated breath to learn the backstory of 12-17, the numbers. I worked with some diligence last summer to get that right – it’s more of a story than I might at first have thought. I wrote four essays, three about the sounds and 12-17 and one called “calling shots,” which was essentially about professional baseball and the possibility of seeing clearly what may be about to come.

Call it divine intervention, or good or bad luck, but then our computer simply broke (which I didn’t even know computers could do) and even Apple couldn’t access what was on the hard drive. It had to be somewhat unusual because they gave us a new hard drive even though our warranty had long since expired.

The point isn’t what was lost but that I began to think those essays weren’t all that important anyhow (except for the one about calling shots – that was deep), that if these things I’m writing and feeling are real, other people can learn them for themselves if they want to. Or just ask me about it. Writing it up seemed like making an argument when all I really wanted to do here was make a statement, or take a stand. But I have added the little essay below and I believe the comments section is now working.